RIP Sweet Darla, our oldest and sweetest therapy goat loved by so many.

It is with a heavy heart I want to announce the passing of our oldest and sweetest therapy goat, Darla. For the last 20 years Darla has been giving all of herself and smiling at those who needed love and comfort. Darla has showed us an incredible will to live after she had her first stroke 4 years ago that left her unable to walk well. Her resiliance and strength and the love of many volunteers helped her learn to walk again. She was the love of many and will be sorely missed. RIP sweet girl……


Animals help us connect. Like a mother with her young piglets and a mare with her foal, we too can connect with animals.
In life, it’s sometimes hard for us to feel connected to others because we have isolated ourselves for a long time. We may have learned and thought early in our lives that the safest way to survive is to shut others out. But we are created for community and we are all interconnected. Connecting to animals can be the first step. Come to Helping Hands Healing Sanctuary and spend some time with our menagerie of animals. Come experience how healing this can be for you.


A beautiful rainbow on a quiet day at our healing sanctuary!

Solitude…..many of us are strongly attached to activity and people. We crave stimulation, entertainment, movement, and don’t like being alone…..To find peace and spiritual vitality we must seek the quiet in stillness. In solitude you can learn to face yourself courageously and think about the curves life may be throwing you. As Socrates said ” the self who never takes a look in the mirror of honesty will never really grow”.

New Arrival at Helping Hands!!!

Welcome to the world little girl! Have you ever wondered what it must be like to be seeing everything new for the first time? That’s what it’s like for a baby horse, but also what it’s like for those of you early in your recovery. In a way, it is like being born all over again. Slowly, those things that we have been looking at all of our lives begin to look differently: problems can become opportunities for living and growing. Pain can become a sign of healing. Recovery is experiencing life in a new way. It is seeing life through new eyes.