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Gunny came to the farm as a rescue about 5 years ago.  His owner had almost beat him to death with a baseball bat. He was bloodied and his eyes swollen shut from the beatings.  It took us a full year to get him to trust us enough to let us halter him. The rest is history. He is one of our best therapy horses to date and he  even “cries” when clients are depressed. A veterinary exam of his teeth tell us he is approximately 30 years old.  Because Gunny has suffered severe trauma, he knows what is like to suffer and hurt. He also knows love and kindness from all the nuturing he has recieved.  Gunny specializes in therapy with anger issues, domestic violence and child abuse issues.  He is very good with addiction issues and people with eating disorders and is great with at risk youth coming in for group therapy.





Jimmy came to us about 6 years ago, all the way from Florida.  His owner had gone through a traumatic divorce  and lost her ability to financially take care of him and 2 other horses. So she asked me if I would take him in, along with his “wife” Rhapsodie and “baby” Princess.  All 3 of them came together in a horse van from Florida! The “family” lived together for a couple years in California  until we moved the rescue to Newberg, Oregon. Rhapsodie was then placed in a pasture with other mares,  and the baby,  Princess went to a pasture with other youngsters to learn horsie survival skills.  Jimmy went to a pasture with a couple “older” rescues.  Jimmy is a very large horse. If you stand next to him he can be intimidating because of his size. But he is a sweetie.  Clients in therapy don’t know his personality when they first meet him and sometimes they are amazed at his size.  He specializes in therapy with men’s issues.  Also,  he is  phenomenal with group therapy with the military, especially those with PTSD. He is excellent with clients that are  grieving or suffering from depression.




Princess is Jimmy’s “daughter” and came from Florida with her mother, Rhapsodie.  She was an amazing foal and specialized in loving kids!  She is older now but is still very sweet and loves her cuddles. SHE LOVES KIDS AND ADULTS ALIKE!







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