Egala Certified Partners

Sabrina Walters

Sabrina graduated from George Fox University in 2004 with her Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy. She began working at Youth Contact, Inc. (a non-profit youth and family counseling organization) based in Hillsboro, OR. During her time at Youth Contact, Sabrina worked closely with schools and other organizations in order to help young people and their families navigate difficult times, including school difficulties as well as issues with substance abuse and racial tensions. After four years with Youth Contact Sabrina became the Intervention/Prevention specialist at the International School of Beaverton (ISB). She served in many capacities during her time at ISB, but found it most rewarding to work with students and families who were struggling with school anxiety or challenges they faced as they matriculated into our culture from a foreign culture. During her tenure at ISB Sabrina began her own private practice, serving youth, adults, couples and families in Washington County.

In 2010 Sabrina decided to go full-time into private practice. During this period she also worked at Healthworks Northwest (currently Hazeldon/Betty Ford Foundation) as the in-house family therapist and education director.

Sabrina was introduced to Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) upon visiting a client in residential treatment in New Mexico. She soon found herself in a training through EAGALA and became fully certified in 2013 in this unique modality. She currently serves clients at the Helping Hands Horse Rescue and Equine Therapy Ranch one or two days a week; mixing the usefulness of EAP with talk therapy for a powerful benefit to clients.

Sabrina is also an Adjunct Professor at George Fox University.

Mickey DiGiacomo

EAGALA Advanced Certified, Mickey has spent her lifetime in the equine industry and on the thoroughbred racetrack circuit, serving ten years as a jockey. Retiring from the track, she created a riding program for Sierra Boys Ranch, a residential treatment facility for emotionally disturbed boys. She received EAGALA certification in September 2000, transforming their equine component into the EAGALA Model. After contracting as an EAGALA trainer since 2004, Mickey is now the Program Director for EAGALA. Mickey has teamed up with numerous therapists for over the past eleven years providing services encompassing all scopes including: family work, reunification, trauma, PTSD, grief, residential at-risk youth, homeless women, autism/asperger’s syndrome, reactive attachment, personality disorders, couples counseling, staff development/team building and court appointed addictions work.


Kim Young

Kim is a Marriage and Family Therapist  and is EAGALA certified, functioning in either role as an MH or ES. Having an in-depth knowledge of the struggles specific to addictions and the twelve step principles, Kim provides therapy for those struggling with issues such as eating disorders, trauma, anxiety, and depression. Kim currently facilitates EAP/EAL groups with at risk youth, homeless women with mental health diagnosis, eating disorders, and drug and alcohol addictions. Kim is currently working towards Advanced certification and has provided multiple EAGALA demos to spread awareness of the benefits of EAP/EAL through out CA.

Marriage Family Therapist Intern, MFTI # 57642t- Supervised by Kimberly Wick, LMFT # 44171


Rose Sullivan

Rose has Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from Wayne State University with an extensive psychology backround. She has a specialty degree in Lactation Consulting from UCLA, and is trilingual. In addition to english, she speaks fluent spanish and german. She is Eagala certified and functions as an Equine Specialist for EAP/EAL purposes. Rose is currently working towards her advanced Eagala certification, and would like to apply her spanish to interpreting and facilitating EAP to the latino community. She has been around horses for many years and has had many years experience breaking and groundtraining foals and young horses. She together with Kim and Mickey have facilitated EAP with at risk youth, homeless women and clients with various mental health and human development issues.

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