Farm Therapy


A very special and unique program offered through Helping Hands Horse Rescue and Equine therapy is our farm animals assisted  therapy. Included in our menagerie are 2 Llamas: Maggie and Dash, a sheep named Myla, Pygmy goats named Darla, Peppercorn, Miracle, CJ,Poppa, Perlita, Carmelita, Tina, Baby Black, Momma Black, Stormie, Sweety Belle, Grape Stomper, 2 Nubian Goats named Sugar and Hazel.   Also running  loose around the property are various bunnies and the dozen girl bunnies that are in their shelter and they love kids. In the bird sanctuary we have many roosters who all cohabitate with each other (most are rescues), many varieties of ducks, chickens, doves, turkeys and hundreds of birds that live on our property and nest in the oak trees.  Horses we have many, to date 43!! and many of them are rescues.  We have 4 miniature horses called Rollie, Suzie, Buzz and Woody who are paint color and are our latest rescues.  We have alot of older retired horses such as Mistery, Astro, Jimmy, Princessa, Gunny, Jimmy, Tori and Rhapsodie.  Some of our younger horses are Millie, Bambi, Winston and Elle, Rascal, Sierra,  Weebie Jr, Cloudy, and Peekaboo, Mona, Dakota, Dite.  Older horses include  Ruby, Outlaw, Persie, Sparkles, Tango, Princess, Holly and Carmen. The foals are Sunny, Spruce, Monkey, Opie, Oakley, Calvin and Gigi! We have a stallion named Weebee and a big gelding named Pooh Bear and 2 beautiful mares named Elegance and Annie.


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