Sponsor An Animal

The costs associated with running the rescue and taking care of over 200 animals are astronomical. We have organized a sponsorship program where individuals or families

can sponsor an animal and help pay the costs to take care of him/her.

Animals available for sponsorship are:



Gunny- an andalusian gelding, who is 30 plus (according to his teeth).  Gunny is now one of our best therapy horses. He came to Helping Hands about 5 years ago, bloodied, almost beaten to death by a baseball bat. He lost his left eye in the trauma he suffered, but has a good right eye.  We tried to get close to him but it took us a full year to be able to halter him and touch him.  Gunny knows what it is like to hurt, but he also knows what love is because he has had both in his life: severe physical trauma and lots of love, cuddles and kisses.  That’s why he is so good in therapy.  We use Gunny for clients that have suffered trauma, sexual or physical abuse, PTSD, and depresson.  Because he is so old, he has few teeth and has to be fed hi fat grain in addition to hay. He blind eye often gets infected and needs veterinary care as it is constantly draining.  He needs more veterinary attention than the younger horses and needs to have care for his remaining teeth.  We need about $50 a month to help maintain him in optimum condition so he can continue to help others in therapy.

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