Welcome to our Healing Farm!

Welcome to Helping Hands Horse Rescue and Equine Therapy Inc. a 501-c-3 non-profit organization!  Our “healing” sanctuary is located in the midst of the Chehalem mountains, in beautiful Newberg,Oregon, on 20 rolling acres, in a beautiful pastoral setting we call “God’s Country”.  IMG_0256 IMG_1636 IMG_2734 10440740_10204414226820268_6489891491924296106_n 11694756_10207487099881561_6207276618703772227_n 10533752_10204533314317381_8151299281112258426_n IMG_1772 IMG_5987 10428217_10204374425545261_8653573655712573332_o IMG_1696 IMG_7075

We want to continue to spread the word that we are here to serve the Newberg Community and anyone else in need of ” farm animal therapy”.  By loving and handling our animals, one can find  peace and  heal from life’s problems and struggles.  Our menagerie of over 43 horses, 4 miniature horses, 3 foals, a pony named Mona Lisa, 2 llama’s Dash and Maggie, a sheep named Myla, 18 Pygmy goats, 4 Nubian goats, dozens of bunnies and special birds in our bird sanctuary, are all part of our “imprinted animals” that help humans heal and find the peace they need to cope with life. Many of these horses and animals were abused and neglected animals themselves, who we adopted into our rescue program and now use for therapy. Our pictures tell our story: Enjoy and visit us soon.



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